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D-Day and the Deadliest Day in Marine Corps History

(Originally posted June 6, 2018) I should be packing. My flight to France and Belleau Wood and Eben leaves in a few short hours, and there is laundry strewn across the bed and I can’t find my phone charger. The cat, anxious and high on his new catnip toy, is trying to kill me by […]


A Rock from Seabrook

(Originally posted May 31, 2018) I first met Eben Bradbury Jr. on a gloomy Sunday in February 2015. An academic publisher had recently announced a World War I project based on first-person documents, and I eagerly signed up for sixteen chapters. On this particular Sunday, I was researching and writing about the Battle of Belleau […]


Best Wheels Made by Amish

(Originally posted June 5, 2018) I took a quick trip up to Salisbury to visit my friend Steve Bradbury this morning. Whenever I see him, I am reminded that he is a man of singular purpose, and that he is focused with great intensity on the gun. Also, he prefers to call it a cannon. […]


The Road to Belleau Wood

(Originally posted April 26, 2018) On June 6, I will be flying to France to spend the week with Eben Bradbury, one hundred years after the worst week imaginable. It’s honestly not a happy trip. Eben was a marine private, a handsome and thoughtful young man with a full life and a warm and loving […]